Why Am I Here!?!?! What I Look Forward to During My Internship

So I recently started my first internship here at Hüify, and in my initial interviews, I was asked what I hope to gain from all of this. I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I hadn’t fully prepared myself for that question. It hit me the same way “What is the meaning of life?” would. And it surely wasn’t as simple as 42. And while I had a little trouble at coming up with the words, doing so helped me understand why it is I want to do what I’m doing. In the short run the answer is to promote.


But I can’t just promote anyone or anything. They have to be someone that I believe in, and in who’s products and services I believe in. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had deep passion for technology and innovation. Anything that machine or device that defied modern times wowed me like magic spell, to see such advancements come into being and by people who are seemingly as ordinary as I. To see works of art by people who saw more than the world around us, and whos talents helped take me to distant places in my imagination. All of the great things that people accomplish on a daily basis, and all those who have yet to do so, those are the ones who I hope to bring into light. I want to meet the great Teslas and the Da Vincis of my time and bring their ideas to the masses. I want to promote the future


What do I hope to gain? The knowledge and skill to to do just that. Bring to light the innovators that are clouded by the shadows of their own ambiguity. I want to make their voice reach the corners of the earth and I think that being at Hüify will take me one large step towards that goal. My biggest problem now? Social media. Until now I’ve stayed on Facebook and it has been the only thing I use. However we are INBOUND!!! And we propell people and ideas with content! And for this content to reach its audience, social media is an obviously important tool to doing this. So to all my friends out there, I am sorry if my posts come up on your feeds, but I hope that the content that I write is both informative and can help you to promote yourself and the awesome things you do! And be sure to give me feedback!!! It’s important!!!

Here are just a couple of ways that marketing (Inbound Marketing that is) helped promote:

How Social Media Saved UNCW Athletics

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Why Inbound Marketing is the Future

In an age where getting your voice out there is propelled by the technology of our time, inbound marketing provides business owners and anyone trying to promote themselves or their products a way to reach many people in seemingly less time; with the right content that is. The internet today is teeming with social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pineterest, Instagram, etc, with millions of subscriptions to each. Inbound marketing can tap into all of these resources and promote content to your peers.


By creating content that humanizes your products or services, and by doing this through social media, you can create meaningful relationships with anyone, hopefully turning them from passers-by into leads, and leads into paying customers. The great thing about marketing is that when you make someone happy, then they are more likely to tell their friends or associates. One customer creates two leads. One of those becomes a customer and tells their friends about your company. And the process just continues. Now if we amplify this effect with the power of social media, the possibilities are endless. If a customer likes your product and they decide to follow you on Twitter, then as you create content that appeals to them, they are likely to reblog it, and now all of their followers have an opportunity to learn about you. A step further, if they share you on all of their social medias, let’s say Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, well now you’ve successfully reached an insurmountable amount of people. The chances that someone will see your product or service and who actually needs or wants that product have increased exponentially.


Here is a great example of how to use a few social media outlets to promote your business with both short term and long term goals. Of course there are a few things to keep in mind. You can’t attract everybody; it’s just impossible. Instead create content that reaches out to the people that you know need or want your product. Who are you marketing to and why? This is an important question and can be answered by creating a buyer persona, a fictional character that represents your target audience. Next, create content that appeals to that persona. The content should be clear and concise. And personify your business by humanizing your content. You want to be approachable and friendly. Here is a short little blog about content creation and why on Hüify’s website. The means are out there on the web and technology makes it accessible to anyone.


When it comes to getting your voice out there to the masses, Inbound Marketing and techniques should be a staple factor in your marketing campaigns. Be sure to visit Hüify’s website to learn more about Inbound Marketing and how it can benefit you! Thanks for reading!!!